Live Looping – AudeLoop

Live Looping – AudeLoop

May 7, 2020


The desire to experiment with live looping. I started using the Loop preset within Patcher in FL Studio, although found out when the recording transitions from bar to bar there’s a dip in volume. This is because it uses Fruity Delay Bank (delay effect that has 8 banks that you can ‘store’ a type of delay) that has the feedback at 100% and switches one bank’s volume down while switching the next bank’s volume up. This transition is where the dip in volume occurs. So I tried offsetting the transition times to compensate for the volume dip, I then started to get blips from recording on the transition points (the switching of the volumes is an ON/OFF output, one option that may work is making this output a fast linear switch). I believe an easier solution would be to use Ableton but the concept of being creative by using what you have is more interesting to me.


Exploring many possibilities / information / image-line forums, learning a lot in the process. During the search on image-line forum, found Youlean’s Loop pedal Patcher Preset where this is a very useful tool for unlimited timed loop and quick to generate creative ideas. Although, I was not able to trigger the recordings in sync to the tempo. I tried automating the Record and Play button of the Edison within the Playlist on Performance Mode. But for some reason the recordings were still a hair off causing the loop over some time to be offset from the synced beat. One thought was since Fruity Delay Bank is a delay effect, what if I used another delay effect with longer delay time. Therefore, I tried using the delay from Kilohearts, unfortunately the timing also becomes off ( sorry Kilohearts but your Multipass is a go-to plugin for basically anything! ) kiloHearts Multipass

Solution – AudeLoop

It’s not a 100% solution, since I still used the Fruity Delay Bank and just cranked down the tempo. Although, disregarding that condition, I still could create somewhat user-friendly Patcher preset that will show the starting of tempo bars/beats and have the option to decrease/increase time-length/volume of the individual loops. The downfall of very low tempos is that the VST’s that rely on the tempo for envelopes or LFO’s will be much slower than normal. So may need to adjust the VST various speed/tempo settings.

The reference chart below shows the reduced tempo condition where in order to have longer loop time, the BPM needs to be reduced.


So basically this preset is using only the first bank within Delay Bank, this is because there no need for automating volume. The Fruity Delay Bank is in-fact synced with the tempo. Although, if this could be longer than 16 bar limit it has, then no need to reduce tempo.


Download .fst