Hello, we are Audeka (Max, Skyler, and Marty left to right). We met on our high school golf team back around 2010. Skyler was playing some techno beats on his phone while on the tee box, and Marty recognized this as Deadmau5. It wasn’t normal for people to be into this kind of music from where we lived in the US, so we were pretty excited and started talking more about electronic music and eventually, how to make those kind of beats. Marty introduced Sky to his brother Max, and also FL Studio. From there, we started making beats independently, and also doing some jam sessions. Skyler – keyboard, Max – drums, Marty-guitar. That lasted for until about 2012, and then we heard Skrillex.

That launched us into completely different phase and a stark fascination with sound design. We moved more and more into the music programming direction, rather than jam sessions, focusing much of our efforts on creating interesting sounds and arrangements. Since our interest aligned so strongly and we were all working with the same program, we thought it would cool to make a joint project. So we went to a white board, and started writing down a bunch of names, and eventually came up with Audeka, because we thought it sounded cool.

We’ve had a blast since then. We have created a central library that we keep all our sounds on, and come up with different themes for EPs and Albums. Once those themes are in place, we start working on projects that could fit into those worlds. It gives us the freedom to make whatever we want, while still keeping ideas somewhat cohesive.

Our future plans include building a joint studio, instruments, and synths, and to continue exploring many aspects of the audio world.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day 🙂